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Worshipful Master

Senior Warden


Ashlar Lodge No 564

W. Bro.

Timothy Denton

Bro. Ron Davidson

W. Bro. Douglas Durr
(613) 230-0961

Bytown Lodge No. 721

W. Bro. 
George Ingraham

Jon Orazietti

W. Bro. Scott Macdonald
(613) 254-7451

Chaudière Lodge
No. 264

W. Bro.


Bro. Robert McGregor

W. Bro. Jim Gibson
(613) 233-5708

Cobden Lodge
No. 459

W. Bro.
Doug Steeves

W. Bro.
Ralf Roloff

W. Bro. Doug Schauer
(613) 732-9208

Defenders Lodge
No. 590

W. Bro.
Vasile Van Jurec

Bro. Mfana Cele

R.W. Bro. R.H. Clarke
(343) 880-4288

Ionic Lodge No. 526

W. Bro.
Jason Solomon

Jason Buelow

V.W. Bro. Armin Braslins
(613) 592-5961

Luxor Daylight
Lodge No. 741

R.W. Bro. George Maloley

W. Bro.
Gary MacLean

R.W. Bro. John Saunders
(613) 258-4243

Madawaska Lodge
No. 196

W. Bro.
Mike Harrower


V.W. Bro. Marc Essiambre


Pembroke Lodge
No. 128

W. Bro.
Brett Legree

Bro. Matthew J. Brown

R.W. Bro. Derek McEwen
(613) 735-0576

Renfrew Lodge
No. 122

W. Bro.
Kyle Miller

V.W. Bro. Keith Richard

R.W. Bro. Peter Harbert
(613) 622-1376

The Builders'
Lodge No. 177

Ottawa Masonic Centre

W. Bro.
Sam Sayed


Bro. Faud Alnaji

R.W. Bro. John Saunders
(613) 258-4243

What's Going On In District 2




What’s Going On 

Monday 17 February

The Builders’ Lodge No. 177

Festive Board 6:20 PM Lodge 7:30 PM

Agenda: Reading of summons, confirming of minutes, receiving communications, petitions, reports, accounts, and conducting general business of the lodge.  To ballot on an Application for Initiation


Wednesday 19 February

Defenders Lodge No. 590

Emergent Meeting

Lodge at 7:30 PM

Agenda: To confer a Third Degree


Thursday 20 February

Bytown Lodge No. 721

No Festive Board, gathering at Churchills (365 Richmond Rd.) at 6:00 PM for dinner prior to lodge at 7:30 PM

Agenda: To receive reports of committees, petitions, ballot for applications, Masonic Education and general business brought before the lodge


Thursday 20 February

Pembroke Lodge No. 128

Emergent Meeting

Lodge at 7:30 PM, Banquet hour after the meeting

Agenda: To confer the First Degree

Friday 21 February
4 Lodge Centennial (March 14th)

***Deadline to Register for Banquet***


Saturday 22 February

Bytown Lodge No. 721

Emergent Meeting

Lodge at 9:00 AM Festive Board to follow

Agenda: To confer the First Degree










Remembrance Day Public Ceremony Preliminary Study
An initial attempt to determine public ceremony options for the District.
Study RD August 2019.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [285.2 KB]

 Ashlar No. 564 100th Anniversary
Ashlar lodge will be participating in it’s 100th Anniversary as part of a four Lodge celebration in March 2020, with Sidney Albert Luke, St Andrew's, and Acacia lodge.  A banquet with the Grand Master is scheduled for Saturday March 14th 2020. 

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